7 Self-Limiting Beliefs You Need to Crush to Achieve Success

Self-limiting beliefs can impact every aspect of our life, from personal goals to business achievements to relationships. Learn how to overcome some of these familiar beliefs to help yourself become successful.

Do you find that you impose self-limiting beliefs on what you are capable of accomplishing? Sometimes, the limits we place on ourselves are the primary thing that is keeping us from reaching personal goals, making advancement in a career, or enjoying better interpersonal relationships. Today, we will take a look at some common self-limiting beliefs and how you can conquer them! 

#1 I’m Not Smart Enough 

When you tell yourself something consciously, your unconscious mind is listening. By telling yourself that you are not smart enough to do something – get a good education, start your own business, win at a trivia game – you are convincing yourself that it will never happen. If you want to reach those goals, you need to stop comparing yourself to some unachievable level of intelligence and start reminding yourself that you are smart enough to get the job done. 

#2 I’m a Failure 

There is a vast difference between failing and being a failure. Unfortunately, many of us have never learned how to accept making mistakes or failing at something. Thus, when it happens, we give up. But remember, your mistakes can actually lead to you learning how to succeed next time. Rather than equating failing at something today with being a failure in life, look at it as a learning experience and a building block for future successes in life.

#3 I’m Unlovable 

Sometimes the world teaches us from a very early age to believe things that just aren’t true. You are lovable! But when you tell yourself otherwise, you are always preparing yourself for the good relationships in your life to end. When a relationship ends, it’s not always your fault. And even if it is, it is not because you are unlovable, but more likely, it is because you are incompatible with that person.

#4 I Can’t Do It

“I can’t” is a much broader limiting belief than the others. You may think, “I can’t become successful” or “I can’t have a happy family life.” Whatever you are telling yourself you can’t accomplish may end being a self-fulfilled prophecy if you don’t kick those negative beliefs aside. 

The secret to overcoming an “I can’t” attitude is to replace it with “I can!” Like the children’s story about the little train engine, simply by telling yourself that you can do it, you may be able to surprise yourself with just how far you can go in your personal life, career, and relationships. 

#5 I’m Not Good Enough 

Usually, a person begins to think this way because of repetition. Someone in their life tells them they are not good enough so many times that it starts to stick. And since classifying adults as good or bad is not as common as doing so with children, that probably means you have felt this way for a long time. Maybe it was even your parents who put this idea into your head.

The fact is that being “good” takes on a lot of different meanings. For example, when someone tells a child to “be good at school,” do they mean getting good grades, being friendly to the other children, or staying out of trouble? The fact is that you will always find someone better than you at something. So the secret is to focus on being good enough. 

While no human is perfect, being good enough is an attainable goal, and you’re already there. You just don’t know it yet. Now is the time to start believing it! 

#6 Everyone Will Judge Me (Or Is Judging Me)

Are you afraid to do things a little differently because of what others will think? People often judge, fear, or make fun of things that are different to them. However, if you are so concerned about what other people think that you spend all your time just trying to fit into the mold of someone who can’t be judged, you will be wasting a lot of time and energy. 

Plus, the things that make you unique are the very things that can help you succeed at a job, find a mate, thrive at a hobby, and the like. So rather than worrying about being judged, it is time to celebrate what makes you different. 

#7 The World Isn’t a Fair Place

We’re not going to say this is false in some way. However, it can cause you to limit yourself. If you believe the world will never allow you to succeed because of your nationality, race, gender, or some other factor, you may be tempted not to try. Who knows? Maybe you are the person who can change the world by resisting the way it tries to hold you back. 

Transform Your Life By Changing the Way You Think  

Limiting beliefs are not the only way that we hold ourselves back from reaching our goals. Transforming the way you think can help you to be successful, have better relationships, get out of a rut, let go of the past, and get started on a new path from here forward. ENSO-NIA is proud to offer a free masterclass on The Power of Destructive Transformation. Just 40 minutes of your time may change your life forever. So enroll today to get started on your personal transformation. 


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