A Visionary in the field of Mind and Life transformation

Yuvraj Kapadia has quietly transformed and touched the lives of thousands of people worldwide in the past 18 years through his work as a hypnotherapist, healer and master trainer. He is a visionary in the field of life transformation who has revolutionized the modality of hypnotherapy by expanding it scope and enhancing its applicability by creating an integrative model that can seamlessly complement modern day healthcare, alternative medicine, holistic therapies and practices.

He has himself surmounted massive life challenges to learn and master the process of life and it is now his grand mission to spread this awareness and his wisdom to every single person on Earth so that all of humanity can raise it’s level of consciousness. Creating processes to harness the infinite power of the human mind and retrieving the inner resources buried deep within us to create a magnificent and fulfilling life have been his greatest gifts to the world.
Through the global network of his EKAA Foundation, Yuvraj Kapadia has trained over 14,000 persons to utilize the power of the Subconscious Mind using the science of hypnotherapy. EKAA has certified students and trainers in over 60 cities worldwide.

His ability to breakdown the understanding of difficult life experiences and use proven, precisely designed processes and protocols to resolve these life issues has made him a much sought-after personality worldwide. His life is driven by the pursuit of transformative results, expanding the awareness of humanity and to motivate every single person to understand that he or she has everything he or she needs, within himself or herself to create the life of their dreams. They simply need the help from a structured process that can be used to make this a reality for themselves.

He has been widely published in the international media, conducted thousands of training events, workshops and retreats worldwide.
Yuvraj heads EKAA Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Foundation, one of the world’s biggest training institute specializing in hypnotherapy and regression therapy, headquartered in India.

His passion and drive to spread the phenomenal human ability to heal itself through the power of the mind has been his single-minded devotion for the past 18 years.

From an individual hypnotherapist and trainer, he has grown EKAA into a worldwide presence with over 14,000 certified students and over 60 certified trainers.

He is widely recognized as India’s topmost hypnotherapist and has undertaken thousands of therapy cases and training programs in Clinical Hypnotherapy worldwide over almost two decades.
His own personal life has been an inspirational story of amazing transformation. From a scholarly microbiologist to one of the most successful stock-broker at India’s biggest stock market, to one of financial collapse with a life-threatening health condition. And then using the power of the mind and hypnotherapy to recover and become one of the biggest proponents of this science. Driven with the passion to spread the awareness of this life transforming technique, he went on to set up and grow the EKAA foundation to become a global organization.

Since Past Life Regression had played a pivotal role in his own physical healing, he specialized in regression therapy and became one of India’s well-known regression therapists. His regression work has been covered by the media and a TV episode of a popular channel has also made its mark.

Yuvraj has inspired many professionals to further his vision of integrating seamlessly, Clinical Hypnotherapy into healthcare services for the benefit of all humanity.
He is highly sought after worldwide for his workshops, seminars and training programs for his trademark style of explaining highly complex, scientific and metaphysical concepts in the most easy-to-understand language. This has attracted individuals from all walks of life to experience his training in hypnotherapy as a life changing program beyond therapeutic application.



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