Do you have a chronic issue which keeps returning, a pattern that keeps repeating, a pain which doesn’t budge despite your efforts? What if this recurring issue is a calling… a calling from a part of you that is feeling desperate and helpless, angry and fearful!

People often say that the past is the past, that the hurtful experiences they’ve had aren’t worth discussing now because it’s more important to live in the present. But the truth is that forgoing an attempt to find closure for these traumas will only serve to disrupt your current life through continual and often unexplainable pains. The only way to prevent this is to tackle the issue head-on and clear the emotional baggage from your past that is weighing you down and keeping you from truly being in the present. In order to find this hidden closure, you must journey deep within and venture through the Subconscious Mind.

“Be your own Savior”

With Gratitude
Doctor turned Healer
Dr Sonia Gupte

Do you often find your Blissful moments getting shattered by Fear? Fear that something bad will happen? And then you find yourself in a loop where you feel fearful of being happy itself?
This beautiful client of mine had this issue and she constantly felt as if ”something bad is going to happen” …it was haunting her, bringing constant stress to her life. Interestingly this fear was strongest in happy, blissful moments. The energy of bliss would come crashing down like shattered glass as the boomerang of fear hit it!
To understand this issue, I guided her in trance and it took her to a memory as a 4 yrs. old where she was feeling ecstatic to visit her older cousins... their house had a big back yard and a tree house! Happiness of the child and the excitement she felt was beyond words. This memory lead to the moment where while playing her 14yr old cousin invited her to the tree house and then something bad happened. She was inappropriately touched and asked to do things which made the child feel uncomfortable. And that created the knot in the Subconscious…happy moment followed by fear /something bad. We worked on this fearful inner child by connecting her to the adult ..this is the most beautiful part of therapy which brings miraculous resolutions!
The client wrote post session ”The Bliss is back and the Faith is flowing”!!
Do you have Cherophobia? The answers and the solutions lie deep within your own Subconscious mind. You need to connect with that fearful inner child and untie the knot to free your happiness which got frozen in time!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
Doctor Turned Healer”

Do you feel inhibited by someone you perceive intelligent? Feeling dumbstruck, timid, lacking confidence? Do you suffer from Social Anxiety?

Mary (name changed) was suffering with social anxiety. This anxiety had no logical reason and was pushing her towards depression when she reached out to me.

Mary found herself getting attracted towards people who seemed arrogant/ overconfident. As she interacted with these people, she would feel less about her own self, lacking confidence, feeling timid and all this was creating a lot of anxiety and restlessness within.

As I took her into the depths of her subconscious mind to find the logical reason for this illogical behavior, she went back in time to her childhood remembering her father whom she perceived as a very intelligent man…a Math Professor who used to constantly compare her with her younger sister. Mary was often called dumb. This created a lot of anger in Mary and she rebelled, becoming a stubborn child ..challenging him by defying his authority. Her father in turn used to physically punish Mary for her stubbornness. He would ask her Math questions in front of guests, creating a lot of anxiety and nervousness in social situations making Mary feel Not Good Enough.

In trance, Mary connected with this younger self, accepting her for who she was. Letting go of all the anger she was holding on to subconsciously, leading to the self-sabotaging behavior. Mary wrote to me after a week saying that she was able to interact with people with ease and was even able to express her opinions with assertion and confidence without any anxiety!

The cause of our issues and the solution to it, is all within us ...all you need is the courage to dive within!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
Doctor Turned Healer”

Human relationships are important for the overall wellbeing of an individual and one cannot ignore this fact. The rising incidence of Anxiety, Depression and other emotional issues are in some way a result of lack of close human relationships. Our external relationships and our internal relationships are in fact the same… what we surround ourselves with is the mirror reflection of our inner being. Have you noticed what sort of friends and acquaintances you attract? …is there a pattern?

This beautiful young girl in her late 20s, very well dressed and poised when entered my clinic, I wondered what could have brought her to me. She had Anxiety disorder since last few years and was recently diagnosed with Depression but it was not medications she was looking for.
She mentioned that her Anxiety disorder was diagnosed 4 years back after a breakup and through our conversation, I sensed a pattern, she somehow attracted men who were emotionally unavailable and though she was truly seeking love and companionship she had fear of commitment.

As we started exploring Jane’s subconscious to find the reason of her deep seeded fear of commitment, she travelled back in time to her childhood…
ME: What’s happening Jane? How old are you
Jane: I am 4. I am scared. Mom and Dad are fighting. Mom is upset, she mentions some other woman. Dad is saying he doesn’t love mom anymore! I am so scared for Mom. Dad will leave her!
Me: What’s your conclusion as a child as you witness this?
Jane: Love does not last. It hurts!
Me: What do you decide…how will you deal with this?
Jane: I will never let anyone hurt me! If you love someone, he will surely hurt you!

And it was clear that Jane’s fear of commitment was actually her fear of being rejected…of being hurt. Her Subconscious gave her clarity of where her issue originated from in the past, freeing the present!

I received an email from Jane almost 4 months later that she was in Love with a man who was equally in love with her and she was not scared, not afraid, she felt free to Love and receive love!

Only by tweaking what lies in our inner world can we shift our outer world…magnetizing what we truly deserve!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
“Doctor Turned Healer”

Personally, I love to watch movies which are full of creative imagination and showcase the power of hope and self-belief. Our Subconscious mind is all about imagination and it has so many messages and resources that help us move forward, and I believe that such movies align us with those resources.

I want to talk about 2 movies in this newsletter… why? Simply because they got me thinking and I felt like sharing these thoughts with my tribe!

Movie 1: Inside Out (Animation - Family Movie)

The concept of showcasing core emotions in this movie was marvelous. If you haven’t watched it, I will not spoil it for you! It’s about 5 personified core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, which are headquartered in a little girl’s mind! The movie makes you think about how we always try to give Joy the most important place in our lives, yet to understand how Sadness has an equally important role was an amazing message to pass on to the younger generation in a light-hearted way!

Movie 2: Princess Mononoke (Animation - PG13)

I recently watched this movie as it was recommended by my movie enthusiast teenager son! It’s an animated Japanese fantasy film with serious, thought-provoking content and an equally important message, depicting hatred as a demon and displaying how whoever is touched with that emotion becomes a demon as well. Yet hope stayed intact till the end to showcase how one can turn around from even the worst, most consuming hatred.

In the current global environment, we are all juggling various emotions within. Some of us have found the strength to be grounded, but there are others who have lost that balance as our emotions seem like huge demons. I am not debating about what is right or wrong, all I ask is that you look within to see if your inner compass has shifted towards something heavy... feel and acknowledge your emotions but be aware not to let them CONSUME YOU!

- Sonia

Have you ever wondered if the events and circumstances you see in your life mimics that of your mother or your father? Can it be a coincidence that you seem to be a victim of life exactly the same way as your Mother was? Or do you sense the same Anger in you what you saw in your Father while growing up? Have you become a duplicate of what you disliked or hated the most in your parent?

Mira (name changed) in her mid 50s looked like a very pleasant person when I saw her but as she started narrating her life’s miseries my opinion changed and I saw her pain which was hiding beneath that smile.

She said that in recent years she has had the realization as if her life was an exact duplicate of her mom’s. Her mother was a victim of constant verbal abuse from her alcoholic father and was never appreciated by her elderly inlaws whom she took care of tirelessly. She was always taken for granted by everyone, never appreciated.

Mira said her own life has turned out EXACTLY THE SAME! She often wondered if this was a mere coincidence or her destiny. She felt stuck, exhausted, suffocated living this life which most of the time did not seem like her own.

In trance, she realized how as a young child she wanted to protect her mother from being abused and this desire to be her Mother's Savior made her unconsciously take on her Mother's helplessness. It was like an energy exchange of sorts.

And as she opened her eyes after the session she said "I feel I was in a Trance my entire life and finally the trance has broken and I feel awake for the first time"!

With Gratitude

Dr Sonia Gupte
“Doctor Turned Healer”


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