Do you feel scared to be Happy?

Do you often find your Blissful moments getting shattered by Fear? Fear that something bad will happen? And then you find yourself in a loop where you feel fearful of being happy itself?
This beautiful client of mine had this issue and she constantly felt as if ”something bad is going to happen” …it was haunting her, bringing constant stress to her life. Interestingly this fear was strongest in happy, blissful moments. The energy of bliss would come crashing down like shattered glass as the boomerang of fear hit it!
To understand this issue, I guided her in trance and it took her to a memory as a 4 yrs. old where she was feeling ecstatic to visit her older cousins... their house had a big back yard and a tree house! Happiness of the child and the excitement she felt was beyond words. This memory lead to the moment where while playing her 14yr old cousin invited her to the tree house and then something bad happened. She was inappropriately touched and asked to do things which made the child feel uncomfortable. And that created the knot in the Subconscious…happy moment followed by fear /something bad. We worked on this fearful inner child by connecting her to the adult ..this is the most beautiful part of therapy which brings miraculous resolutions!
The client wrote post session ”The Bliss is back and the Faith is flowing”!!
Do you have Cherophobia? The answers and the solutions lie deep within your own Subconscious mind. You need to connect with that fearful inner child and untie the knot to free your happiness which got frozen in time!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
Doctor Turned Healer”


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