Do you have Social Anxiety?

Do you feel inhibited by someone you perceive intelligent? Feeling dumbstruck, timid, lacking confidence? Do you suffer from Social Anxiety?

Mary (name changed) was suffering with social anxiety. This anxiety had no logical reason and was pushing her towards depression when she reached out to me.

Mary found herself getting attracted towards people who seemed arrogant/ overconfident. As she interacted with these people, she would feel less about her own self, lacking confidence, feeling timid and all this was creating a lot of anxiety and restlessness within.

As I took her into the depths of her subconscious mind to find the logical reason for this illogical behavior, she went back in time to her childhood remembering her father whom she perceived as a very intelligent man…a Math Professor who used to constantly compare her with her younger sister. Mary was often called dumb. This created a lot of anger in Mary and she rebelled, becoming a stubborn child ..challenging him by defying his authority. Her father in turn used to physically punish Mary for her stubbornness. He would ask her Math questions in front of guests, creating a lot of anxiety and nervousness in social situations making Mary feel Not Good Enough.

In trance, Mary connected with this younger self, accepting her for who she was. Letting go of all the anger she was holding on to subconsciously, leading to the self-sabotaging behavior. Mary wrote to me after a week saying that she was able to interact with people with ease and was even able to express her opinions with assertion and confidence without any anxiety!

The cause of our issues and the solution to it, is all within us ...all you need is the courage to dive within!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
Doctor Turned Healer”


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