Human Relationships

Human relationships are important for the overall wellbeing of an individual and one cannot ignore this fact. The rising incidence of Anxiety, Depression and other emotional issues are in some way a result of lack of close human relationships. Our external relationships and our internal relationships are in fact the same… what we surround ourselves with is the mirror reflection of our inner being. Have you noticed what sort of friends and acquaintances you attract? …is there a pattern?

This beautiful young girl in her late 20s, very well dressed and poised when entered my clinic, I wondered what could have brought her to me. She had Anxiety disorder since last few years and was recently diagnosed with Depression but it was not medications she was looking for.
She mentioned that her Anxiety disorder was diagnosed 4 years back after a breakup and through our conversation, I sensed a pattern, she somehow attracted men who were emotionally unavailable and though she was truly seeking love and companionship she had fear of commitment.

As we started exploring Jane’s subconscious to find the reason of her deep seeded fear of commitment, she travelled back in time to her childhood…
ME: What’s happening Jane? How old are you
Jane: I am 4. I am scared. Mom and Dad are fighting. Mom is upset, she mentions some other woman. Dad is saying he doesn’t love mom anymore! I am so scared for Mom. Dad will leave her!
Me: What’s your conclusion as a child as you witness this?
Jane: Love does not last. It hurts!
Me: What do you decide…how will you deal with this?
Jane: I will never let anyone hurt me! If you love someone, he will surely hurt you!

And it was clear that Jane’s fear of commitment was actually her fear of being rejected…of being hurt. Her Subconscious gave her clarity of where her issue originated from in the past, freeing the present!

I received an email from Jane almost 4 months later that she was in Love with a man who was equally in love with her and she was not scared, not afraid, she felt free to Love and receive love!

Only by tweaking what lies in our inner world can we shift our outer world…magnetizing what we truly deserve!

With Gratitude
Dr Sonia Gupte
“Doctor Turned Healer”


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