Movies, Mind & Lots More

Personally, I love to watch movies which are full of creative imagination and showcase the power of hope and self-belief. Our Subconscious mind is all about imagination and it has so many messages and resources that help us move forward, and I believe that such movies align us with those resources.

I want to talk about 2 movies in this newsletter… why? Simply because they got me thinking and I felt like sharing these thoughts with my tribe!

Movie 1: Inside Out (Animation - Family Movie)

The concept of showcasing core emotions in this movie was marvelous. If you haven’t watched it, I will not spoil it for you! It’s about 5 personified core emotions: Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear, which are headquartered in a little girl’s mind! The movie makes you think about how we always try to give Joy the most important place in our lives, yet to understand how Sadness has an equally important role was an amazing message to pass on to the younger generation in a light-hearted way!

Movie 2: Princess Mononoke (Animation - PG13)

I recently watched this movie as it was recommended by my movie enthusiast teenager son! It’s an animated Japanese fantasy film with serious, thought-provoking content and an equally important message, depicting hatred as a demon and displaying how whoever is touched with that emotion becomes a demon as well. Yet hope stayed intact till the end to showcase how one can turn around from even the worst, most consuming hatred.

In the current global environment, we are all juggling various emotions within. Some of us have found the strength to be grounded, but there are others who have lost that balance as our emotions seem like huge demons. I am not debating about what is right or wrong, all I ask is that you look within to see if your inner compass has shifted towards something heavy... feel and acknowledge your emotions but be aware not to let them CONSUME YOU!

- Sonia


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