Program Calendar and Enrollment

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Sept 2023 22nd - 23rd Sept
(L1 Theroy online
*New batch)
Oct 2023   19th - 21st Oct
(L2 Theory online)
Nov 2023     1st - 4th Nov
(L3 Theory online)
Dec 2023   15th - 17th Dec
(In class room Practicum L1-2)
18th - 19th Dec
(In class room Practicum L3)
Jan 2024 6th - 7th Jan
(L1 Theory online)
26th Jan
(L1 Practicum In Classroom)
19th - 21st Jan
(L2 Theory online)
27th - 29th Jan
(L2 Practicum In Classroom)
  10th - 14th Jan
(L4 Theory online)
20th - 21st Jan
24th - 27th Jan
(L5 Theory online)
Feb 2024       31st Jan - 3rd Feb
(L4 Practicum In Classroom)

4th Feb
5th - 8th Feb
(L5 Practicum In Classroom)

L1 L2 L3 L4 L5
Jan 2023 *New batch
*14th - 15th Jan
(L1 Theroy online)
Feb 2023 *25th - 26th Feb
(L1 Theory online)
Mar 2023 *9th - 10th Mar
(L1 Theory online)
24th - 27th Mar
(L2 Theory online)
April 2023 *22nd - 23rd April
(L1 Theory online)
May 2023   17th - 20th May
(L2 Theory online)
5th - 8th May
(L3 Theory online)
June 2023 *10th - 11th June
(L1 Theory online)
    1st - 5th June
(L4 Theory online)
July 2023  

August 2023 30th August
(L1 Practical in class)
4th - 7th August
(L2 Theory online)
    11th - 15th August
(L5 Theory online)
(*Double session on Saturday 12th)
(Total 6 sessions, 4 Hrs each day)
September 2023   31st August - 2nd September
(L2 Practical in class)
2nd - 4th September
(L3 Practical in class)
*Days off 5th September
6th - 9th September
(L4 Practical in class)
*Days off 10th - 11th September
12th - 15th September
(L5 Practical in class)

15th September GRADUATION!!

Class Duration:

L1 Theory Online - 3.5hrs x 2 days
L2 Theory Online - 3.5hrs x 3 days
L3 Theory Online - 3.5hrs x 4 days
L4 Theory Online - 3.5hrs x 5 days
L5 Theory Online - 4hrs x 6 sessions
*Practical training will be conducted in classroom setup from 10am-6pm in San Diego California
*NOTE - Online classes usually have evening schedule during weekdays and morning schedule during weekends


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