Whose life are you living?

Have you ever wondered if the events and circumstances you see in your life mimics that of your mother or your father? Can it be a coincidence that you seem to be a victim of life exactly the same way as your Mother was? Or do you sense the same Anger in you what you saw in your Father while growing up? Have you become a duplicate of what you disliked or hated the most in your parent?

Mira (name changed) in her mid 50s looked like a very pleasant person when I saw her but as she started narrating her life’s miseries my opinion changed and I saw her pain which was hiding beneath that smile.

She said that in recent years she has had the realization as if her life was an exact duplicate of her mom’s. Her mother was a victim of constant verbal abuse from her alcoholic father and was never appreciated by her elderly inlaws whom she took care of tirelessly. She was always taken for granted by everyone, never appreciated.

Mira said her own life has turned out EXACTLY THE SAME! She often wondered if this was a mere coincidence or her destiny. She felt stuck, exhausted, suffocated living this life which most of the time did not seem like her own.

In trance, she realized how as a young child she wanted to protect her mother from being abused and this desire to be her Mother's Savior made her unconsciously take on her Mother's helplessness. It was like an energy exchange of sorts.

And as she opened her eyes after the session she said "I feel I was in a Trance my entire life and finally the trance has broken and I feel awake for the first time"!

With Gratitude

Dr Sonia Gupte
“Doctor Turned Healer”


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